River Kings Partnering with Iowa BIG

The River Kings are partnering up with Iowa BIG. According to their website, “BIG exists to assist students in developing their agency, efficacy, and passions while gaining valuable real-world and academic skills so they can succeed in a world of rapid and constant change.”

“Iowa BIG is a high school program for sophomore, junior, and senior students within the Cedar Rapids, Linn-Mar, and College Community School District.

BIG is designed to help you lead your own learning journey and discover your gifts, talents, and interests.

BIG is a place where you get to learn through things and work you care about.

BIG is a place to learn not only the “stuff” in courses but how to get along in the world and build the skills to make you “present-and-future-ready.”

Kudos to Myke Darrough, the River Kings’ Partnerships and Promotions director, and the rest of the front office staff for putting this together. Community engagement has been a priority for the River Kings from day 1 – we’re excited to see what kind of projects the students come up with!

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