Get to Know: LB Tristian Green

The first thing Tristian Green wants to talk about is his clothing drive. “I know it’s close to Christmas,” he says. “We’re starting late. But I was coming home from the gym one day and I saw that some people don’t even have winter coats here in Charlotte [NC], and it’s getting cold. I had to do something.

“Community is what it’s all about in this league,” he continues. “I was only in Cedar Rapids for a couple of games. I signed for the Arizona game, then started the two final games against Green Bay. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of Cedar Rapids, but the community really impressed me. The people are very welcoming.”

Green is a 6-foot, 235 lb. linebacker from St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina. His time in Cedar Rapids in the 2019 season was brief, but he impressed general manager Reggie Harris with his head’s up, physical play. “I feel I’m always the most physical guy on the field at all times. I’m a hitter. I’m able to cover, but I live for stopping the run, for getting in and hitting.”

Asked about adjusting to the indoor game, Green replies “Honestly, given the level of competition in the games I played last year, I feel like I’m seasoned. I can approach it more like a veteran. There’s a big change, moving to the indoor game — getting used to how quick it is — but I really got experience with that last year.”

He’s most excited about the new River Kings culture. “Mr. Harris even asked me for my opinion, for suggestions on things I’d like to see happen. That really showed me how serious the organization is about changing the culture. And with [hiring] Coach Mann… here’s a guy who’s had a lot of success, who has that championship mindset. It’s exciting.”

Summing up his game, Green says “I’m a versatile player. I’ve played the Will linebacker in the outdoor game. I have some experience as a rush end in a 3-4 from back in college. I can play Jack [linebacker / safety]. I don’t know if I’d call it a weakness,” he laughs, “but I’d call it an adjustment, some of the nuances of the indoor game. The RPO [run-pass option] is much quicker here, with all the pre-snap motion. You think a guy’s going out into a route, but he’s coming to crack block you all the way.

“It’s an adjustment,” he continues, “but that’s my strength – making adjustments. I pride myself on that. I see myself getting into coaching after my playing career, because I’m that kind of mentally prepared player.”

Tristian Green has a personal training business, Top Dawg Athletics.

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