Get to Know: DL Tre Harlan

Tre Harlan is a man who knows he’s been blessed. “I’ve always had good athleticism,” he says. “I’ve played every football position. I was an all-state wide receiver in high school, but I did it all. I even punted for a while,” he laughs.

Harlan as a member of the St. Louis Rams, 2014

“My main focus, though, was basketball,” he continues. “I got recruited by Baylor as a basketball player. I played two years of basketball in college before I switched my full-time focus to football.” Despite a brief college football career at a small school (Bacone College, an NAIA competitor in Muskogee, Oklahoma), he was offered a contract by the St. Louis Rams. “Athleticism again,” he says. “The Rams saw my athletic potential. I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me.”

After a camp stint with the Rams, Harlan played in Canada, in the IFL, and the CIFL. Through it all, he has stayed humble, crediting his strong faith for all his opportunities. “I’m a mentor, first and foremost,” he says. A high school teacher by day, Harlan leads a youth group at his community church in Fort Worth, TX. “I want to help the next generation,” he says, “both on and off the field.”

The upcoming River Kings’ season will mark Harlan’s return to both the IFL, and Cedar Rapids. “I had a chance to see Cedar Rapids when I was with the [Wichita Falls] Nighthawks, in the playoff game in 2016. I loved the town. Cedar Rapids has a great fan base, and I can’t wait to get on the field as a member of the River Kings.”

A six-year professional football veteran, Harlan patterns his game after Dallas Cowboys great DeMarcus Ware. “I try to bring that same explosiveness and energy on every play,” he says. “My greatest strength, besides athleticism, is my work ethic. I always strive to be known as the hardest worker on the team.”

Harlan is, in short, a perfect fit for the kind of tough, smart defense Coach Ivory is building in Cedar Rapids. He’s an explosive pass rusher who can compress the pocket and terrorize opposing quarterbacks. We’re looking forward to seeing him in action when training camp opens in mid-February.

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