Get to Know: OL Lorenzo Burgess

There’s no shortage of great personal stories in the IFL, but Lorenzo Burgess has a good one even by those standards. Not too many 6’5″, 325 lb. offensive linemen studied theater in college.

“Yeah, I kinda stand out,” Burgess laughs. A punishing blocker with size to spare, Burgess spends his off-hours working on an entirely different craft.

“I played tight end my first year in [junior college],” Burgess says. “I love playing guard, but I’ve played all over the line. I’ve lined up as a fullback in practice sometimes. I pride myself on my versatility. I’ve lived all over — seven or eight states so far [while playing football]. I’m a very adaptable player.

“But that’s not the only thing,” he continues. “Even the best football career is over in just a few years. I want to have a great football career, but after that, my life’s just starting.”

So far, Burgess hasn’t landed a starring role, but he’s been close to the spotlight. “I’m an extra in a movie that’s just wrapping up, called Jesus is My Homeboy. I don’t have lines, but I’m in a lot of scenes next to the stars [Daniel Kaluuya and Lakieth Stanfield]. Just talking with those guys, learning what they know, it was fantastic. They’re great.”

With his outstanding size, great adaptability, and hungry attitude, Burgess should help anchor an offensive line that returns no starters for 2020, and was in flux for most of 2020. “It’s just the beginning,” Burgess says. “I can’t wait to get to Cedar Rapids and meet the fans. You can see me on the field, then you can see me on the big screen.”

The story of African-American activist Fred Hampton, Jesus is My Homeboy is set to release in August, just after the IFL season wraps up.

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